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Proactive Defense: Network Security Management for Municipal Offices

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When establishing a network within a municipal office building or updating existing infrastructure, implementing a robust system for this type of environment is essential. Typically, municipal entities deal with confidential data-critical information. It is imperative that the networks that handle and store this information are secure. Some simple steps should be taken to ensure the […]

The Role of Employee Education in Business Network Security: The Human Firewall

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Most businesses and IT directors worldwide recognize employee education’s role within network security as an imperative link within the business network security model. The human touch is crucial in upholding a ‘human firewall,’ enhancing a modern business’s overall cyber security level. The term ‘human firewall’ surrounds the concept that both well-trained and vigilant employees can […]

Adapting Your Network Security Policy: Addressing New Threats and Technologies

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Keeping abreast of the ever-evolving IT cyber world is a constant battle that IT professionals must take seriously. The practice can be time-consuming and challenging, but it is imperative for the well-being and security of workplace network infrastructure. The Canadian Center of Cyber Security released its annual Cyber Security Threat Assessment, which outlines that over […]

8 Things to Know About OneDrive Backup: Securing Your Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage is essential for modern businesses; however, so is ensuring that all critical data that resides within the cloud is kept safe, secure, and confidential. These eight tips are crucial for IT departments to implement to protect their organizations’ data. As recently as 2022, government officials were accused of acting recklessly with their cloud […]

Building a Robust Defense: Key Components of Enterprise Network Security

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Building a comprehensive defensive strategy for an enterprise network is one of the most essential jobs for the IT professional. Key components of network security include implementing an array of technologies, practices, and employee policies to protect against all kinds of potential threats. Preventing a cyber security breach and potential malware or ransomware attack is […]

Comprehensive Network Security Solutions: Ensuring a Secure Business Environment

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Cybersecurity used to be an IT director’s job; however, now, it is arguably one of the most imperative elements of an IT department’s functions. Every year, the statistics pulled from the reported data on malware and cyber-attacks continually show growth, and hackers are developing increasingly sophisticated intrusion and data theft methods. However, it is not […]

Flexible Solutions, Peace of Mind: The Advantages of Hosted Managed Services

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A hosted managed IT service typically refers to the service model in which an external third party, often called an MSP, takes all responsibility for managing a specific set of IT deliverables and services to a company. These managed hosting services are often completely cloud-based and remote, although some businesses have varying models and levels […]

XDR vs EDR – Understanding The Evolution Of Threat Detection And Response

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XDR (extended detection response) and EDR (endpoint detection response) are vital components of modern threat detection services and are imperative in threat detection and cyber security practices. To fully understand the strengths, weaknesses and evolution of these two products, it is essential to take a deeper look at the key features of XDR vs EDR. […]

Choosing the Right Approach: Evaluating Different Types of IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Creating a disaster recovery plan is critical for modern businesses that need to restore business continuity as quickly as possible following a major disaster. Many different aspects of disaster recovery planning need to be evaluated. These are outlined and discussed below. Back-Up and Restore The capability of backing up data and restoring your system to […]

How Managed Network Services Providers Boost Business Continuity

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Outsourcing your IT needs to an experienced managed service provider (MSP) can help your business thrive and drive productivity in many ways. Disaster Recovery Planning Planning for disasters is not something most leaders like to do, but having a solid plan is essential to ensure that businesses can return to driving revenue as quickly as […]