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Microsoft Office 365 – price increase December 2018

Microsoft has announced that effective December 1st 2018, the pricing for their Office 365 products will be increasing by 5%. microsoft-O365-PriceIncrease(2018) Below is the announcements from Microsoft for your review General Messaging October 30, 2018. — Microsoft is announcing Canadian dollar pricelist changes for commercial online services, effective December 1, 2018. Microsoft periodically assesses the […]


A NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH LIQUIDFILES Infinity Network Solutions has partnered with LiquidFiles. Our partnership allows us to provide a solution to send and receive large files securely, fast, that has ease of use, manageable, flexible and is brandable. A perfect solution for any professional office that sends large, confidential files. Excellent, competitively priced alternative to […]

The device you’re using right now has a big security flaw — but you don’t have to panic

There’s almost certainly a critical security flaw or two in the device you’re using to read this story — but you don’t have to panic. To varying degrees, the flaws affect processors found in virtually all computers and phones, and could allow an attacker to access data stored in a device’s memory that should typically […]