Unlocking the Power of the Cloud: Why Businesses Need Cloud Managed Service Providers

Business people collaborating in the cloud

Firstly, let’s explore the term “cloud management” as it can be confusing! Cloud management alludes to a third-party managed service provider or MSP who manages all IT infrastructure and business applications remotely via the internet.

Rather than all hardware and software being onsite, these can be implemented and managed remotely.

Remotely managed cloud services encompass many services such as remote hosting; cyber security services, monitoring and maintenance services; optimization; staff support and training; 24/7 remote IT helpdesk; software upgrades; regulatory, insurance, and security compliance.

MSPs are an enormous asset to small to medium-sized businesses, and this article will outline the various benefits below.

Safe Storage

You have probably encountered this issue with your personal devices and smartphone – running out of space for all of your files!

Most people recognize that keeping essential files in just one place is not wise. This leaves you vulnerable to loss, theft, massive IT failures, and natural disasters.

With a managed cloud services provider, all files are stored remotely in the cloud environment and backed up for both remote access and security purposes.

This is also hugely helpful for companies who keep and maintain abundant data as this can alleviate data capacity issues on physical devices and keep data safe remotely.

Cost Savings

Budget cuts

Firms always have to focus on cost, and outsourcing to a cloud service provider is an excellent method of keeping costs low and revenue high. Utilizing a subscription-based approach to managed IT services keeps hardware and software costs lowered.

Hiring an outside company to manage your business’s IT needs is much more economical than hiring a team internally.

Economy of Scale

Another considerable benefit of cloud services is that they can scale their suite of services with the growth of your business operations.

This is an enormous benefit for start-up companies just about to begin their growth trajectory. As their business needs and operations grow, an expert managed cloud service provider can easily consult and support their new needs.

Again, the subscription-based model offers companies much flexibility in their spending on managed IT services.

A Team of Experts

Nothing is more reassuring than having a dedicated team of experts at your fingertips! Your cloud managed service provider team will have the latest strategies and methodologies for managing your cloud environment.

Your team should be able to provide the latest guidance on cloud migration strategy, solution design, and optimizing the cloud infrastructure effectively.

Best Security Practices

Security always used to be something businesses and companies needed to be aware of – now, security is at the forefront of good business management.

Sensitive data is now always vulnerable to theft and malpractice. The reassuring thing about having a managed service provider take care of all security protocols is that pressure is alleviated by allowing the experts to handle the security services.

MSPs will be able to implement the latest strategies and tools to ensure that your business is at the forefront of good security compliance and is also adhering to the best compliance practices.

Management Focus

Group of coworkers working together to hit the target

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing a cloud MSP is allowing your management team to focus on managing your company’s core focus rather than acting as an internal IT team.

This streamlined approach enables your business needs to be addressed first rather than your management team being distracted by IT administration needs.

A good MSP will require little management; instead, a report-like structure will be generated, and the only times of interface will be through upgrades and fault mitigation reporting.

Uptime and Disaster Planning

It is imperative to plan for outages, and having an MSP will allow your business to plan to continue operations even following a disaster scenario.

It is never fun to prepare for these types of events, but it is imperative to have guaranteed uptime and planning for disastrous events.

Most cloud managed services providers can deliver service level agreements or SLAs in which they have to adhere to certain timelines for fault and trouble ticket mitigation to ensure your business continues running.

Lead Innovation

One of the best benefits of having a cloud MSP is having a team of experts ready and able to lead you to more innovative methods, tools, and automation to run your business more effectively.

A good managed services provider will have its team trained and well-versed in the best business tools. This is a considerable time and money savings for companies that do not have to pay an internal employee to attend conventions and training sessions on where the market is heading.


In conclusion, utilizing a cloud managed service provider allows your team to focus on your operational and business goals; creates cost efficiencies; enables safe and secure data storage practices; can scale with your growth and realignment; and ensures that your company utilizes the most innovative technology practices.

Alongside all these huge benefits, your managed services provider also has a team of experts at your fingertips to help with any questions you might have. These professional services are undoubtedly an incredible asset to any modern business – reach out and schedule a discovery call today!