Infinity Network Solutions offers a myriad of cloud services to manage your data and resources online.   The type and scale of cloud services will depend on your organizations objectives.


Successful businesses use cloud technology to internally share tools, resources, data and information, when and where they need it. By using the power of cloud technology your business can reduce capital outlay for local infrastructure, as well as simplify and speed up your deployment and improving ease of scalability.


Cloud Services provide you with a low cost of entry and allows your business to innovate quickly with limitless scalability.

The experts at Infinity Network Solutions will recommend the best cloud solutions for your business, while keeping in mind the uniqueness of your business.


Liquid Files logo

Infinity Network Solutions has partnered with LiquidFiles. Our partnership allows us to provide a solution to send and receive large files securely, fast, that has ease of use, manageable, flexible and is brandable.

A perfect solution for any professional office that sends large, confidential files. Excellent, competitively priced alternative to paid programs such as Citrix, ShareFile and Dropbox.

Features and benefits:

  • Send and Receive Unlimited File Size — LiquidFiles does not have the very common 2 Gb file size limit common in competing solutions and cloud services. LiquidFiles is limited only by the disk size you assign to it, enabling you to send anything from DVDs to massive CAD drawings without having to worry about file size limitations.
  • Transfer Speeds— Running a system on your own network is always going to be faster than a cloud service. When sending multi-gigabyte files, the transfer time can easily be several hours less, being the difference of getting there before close of business today instead of first thing tomorrow morning, like an old-school courier delivery.
  • Security — When something is installed in your own network, in your security perimeter, in your control, with your security configuration. It will always match your security requirements with no questions raised of who might also get access to your secret and sensitive data. With Infinity Network Solution’s partnership with LiquidFiles you will feel safe that your data is secure.
  • Branding — You can make LiquidFiles look like a complete internal solution with your own logos, colour scheme and no LiquidFiles branding on anything that your users, customers or partner sees. Every user visible text string and all emails sent from the system is changeable to your liking. You will look like a pro.
  • Self-Managing — LiquidFiles is built to be as easy to use as it can possibly be, and as self-managing as possible. All files sent have an expiration date and will be automatically deleted at the time of expiration. You can assign roles based on LDAP/Active Directory Group belongings and almost all settings are configured on a per group basis and so on. All of this is to make ongoing maintenance a breeze with as little ongoing configuration as possible, leaving more time for you to focus on other things.

As a LiquidFiles partner, Infinity Network Solutions enjoy partner pricing and support from LiquidFiles to integrate the solution into our client’s environments to ensure happy joint customers and an overall integrated security capability.


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