Our Core Services

Software, Applications and Technology Integration

We have the ability to integrate the latest software, cloud based application and technology within your business network.

Maximize your efficiency to improve the profitability of your business.



Manufacturing environments have a myriad of dust, dirt and vibration concerns for IT management.  Talk to the experts at Infinity Network Solutions to integrate and facilitate successful solutions to optimize your network.

We understand that as a manufacturer, you are looking for ways to become leaner and reduce costs.  Sometimes companies feel the need to cut support or management of their technology in hopes that if they gamble with their systems then they can just eliminate this cost.  Unfortunately, this opens you up to a lot of risk and when an incident does occur your costs will be overall significantly higher.


Infinity Network Solutions will allow you to keep your business’s core network secure, stable and supported under an easy to budget and forecasted cost. Straightforward information technology management and support for you and your users, 24×7.


Infinity Network Solutions can integrate the latest technology and provide a stable network that will ensure that your manufacturing reaches its highest level of security, productivity and efficiency.

For some of our clients, we become their internal IT department, providing help desk, project and IT security needs. With our managed services method we maintain all servers, computers and devices under a centralized management system which ensures security patches, updates to installed software, proactive maintenance of your computers on a scheduled basis. We also act as your advocate with third party technology vendors, to ensure optimal integration and problem solving.

For others, we come in to assist the internal IT department with projects or support when needed. In either role we’re able to reach and exceed your business objectives within the required budget framework.


Why Infinity Network Solutions?