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Beyond the Breach: Building a Stronger Cybersecurity Future

Engineer using AI to control a robot arm in a factory

A Closer Look at the Henry Schein Cyberattack Before diving into the cybersecurity strategies and solutions offered by Infinity Network Solutions, it’s crucial to understand the recent incident that has brought data security into sharp focus. The cyberattack on Henry Schein, a prominent medical device manufacturer, marked a significant event in the realm of digital […]


A NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH LIQUIDFILES Infinity Network Solutions has partnered with LiquidFiles. Our partnership allows us to provide a solution to send and receive large files securely, fast, that has ease of use, manageable, flexible and is brandable. A perfect solution for any professional office that sends large, confidential files. Excellent, competitively priced alternative to […]

Cisco Report: Bad Privacy, Cybersecurity Procedures Causing Companies To Lose Sales

A new report from Cisco showed that two-thirds of companies are currently losing sales because of their customers’ growing privacy concerns, which prolong the sales process. Similarly, bad cybersecurity practices are costing companies millions to hundreds of millions of dollars in repairing data breach damage, as well as lost revenue. 2018 – The Year Of […]

The device you’re using right now has a big security flaw — but you don’t have to panic

There’s almost certainly a critical security flaw or two in the device you’re using to read this story — but you don’t have to panic. To varying degrees, the flaws affect processors found in virtually all computers and phones, and could allow an attacker to access data stored in a device’s memory that should typically […]

The 3 Organizing Principles of Digital Transformation

Find out how investing in human capital, getting value from data and aligning APIs can help your business transform. Why is it important for organizations to embrace digital transformation? Ask anyone who used to make their living running a video store, selling encyclopedias or driving a taxi. Consumer demands haven’t changed much: People still watch […]

Why Phishing Attacks Persist Despite Increased Awareness

Phishing attacks are not going away. They remained a steady tactic used by cybercriminals throughout the first half of 2017, according to the Phishing Activity Trends Report recently released by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), an international coalition of industry, government, law enforcement and nongovernmental organizations. In phishing attacks, scammers use fraudulent websites and false […]