On Site Service

Because we come to you, there won't be any of the frustration of having a malfunctioning computer work just fine at our office - we'll see the problem as you see it.

We do 90% of our work within 24 hours of your call - at your location. This means we can solve the problem quickly with minimal fuss for you.

Unlike cars, computers are not vendor specific. A hard drive or RAM from a Dell will work in an Acer, an HP, even a MAC!! So we service all brands of computers and servers.  Also unlike cars, we only use the highest quality replacement hardware - hardware that carries the longest possible warranty from the manufacturer.

We're not limited to hardware. If software is causing you problems, we won't tell you to call Microsoft! We work with a very wide range of software and setups to get you up and running again.


Technical Remote Support Assistance - On Site

Periodically sub-contracting companies require "boots on the ground" to complete a service call for their client.  We can provide the hands and feet, and more importantly knowledgeable technicians, required to satisfy sub-contracting requirements for the Grey Bruce and surrounding areas.